our complete workflow


In consultation with our clients, we provide a daily pick-up at your hotel. We work with pick-up notes and everything is counted by our drivers together with your laundry manager.

Counting and sorting

Once the laundry arrives at our company, everything gets recounted by our staff and is noted down on our internal work documents. If we see a different counting then with the pick-up note, then we inform our client immediately.

All bed and bath linen gets sorted into separate personalized carts.

Wash and dry cycle

A fully automated washing cycle, a mix of 6 chemicals and 450L of filtered water and the latest new technology of soft spinners ensure a high quality result.

The large diameter of our drying cabinets not only guarantee an optimum aeration but also guarantee a smooth finish.

Iron and pressing cycle

With its wide span of more than 4 meters we can iron and press all kinds of linen in 1 time without having to fold the linen to iron it. From napkins to king-size duvet covers, all pass through a heat press of 124 degrees which delivers a smooth finish without folds.

Folding cycle

All towels get folded by hand and are always packed by 10 pieces to enhance a swift and easy delivery at our customer’s site.

Counting, delivery and recount

To avoid miscounts, everything is counted again (based on our internal work documents), packed per customer and joined with a delivery note.

Then it is brought back with the delivery notes to our customers, 24 hours after picking it up.